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    Need expert advice on teaching best methods of sorting arrays

      If this is in the wrong section or this site is not meant for posting questions like this then I apologise and please remove the thread.

      I am making a e-learning tutor for teaching various java programming lessons; I am now making one for teaching Java arrays. The lessons are aimed at people who have just started Java or have never used Java before. Obviosuly due to the audience its aimed at the types of classes and methods it uses are not very advanced.

      My question is can anyone make some sugguestions on what type of sorting methods I can teach them about arrays? I think the simplest will be a for loop but is there any others you think would be good or intressting for them to learn?

      Please remeber this is only an introudction to java and as such I have tried to make lessons fairly simple and interactive that should be able to be worked through in about 15-25 minutes.

      Thank you for any advice.