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    RTSP + live video streaming

      Hi Guys, this is my setup, I have a camera installed at home that streams live video to a server..the end-user installs an application (midlet) onto their mobile device to view this live stream....I have read up on RTSP...and some forums, that say RTSP, is not fully functional and has issues as the entire file needs to be downloaded before being playing....

      My question is, can this be implemented, and if yes can you point me in the right direction, or would Carbide C++ be a better alternative...

      Thanking you kindly
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          Carbide C++ is a eclipse based IDE for develop to Symbian platform (developed by NOKIA), so i think using Carbide C++ is wrong decision. If You don't want use Java, check C# (msdn.microsoft.com and social.microsoft.com) or if you want develop for unix like OS check google groups(C/C++ or Python)

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