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    Reading RAW images with JAI

      Ladies and Gents,

      Your help with the following problem would be greatly appreciated:

      I am trying to implement a JAVA tool based on JAI to process images acquired by a space probe. The data downlinked to Earth are unsigned 8 bit values which are stored in a RAW file. This file can be imported and displayed by PhotoShop or ImageJ or PaintShop applying the appropriate settings.
      However I am unable to properly implement such an import feature in JAI.

      Could someone please give me a simple code example snippet?

      I've tried with RawImageInputStream and various Color- and SampleModels, but I am a bit at loss here how to bring it all together. I've tried myself from what I understand from http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jai/forDevelopers/jai-imageio-1_0-rc-docs/index.html. But the codes never compile, mostly showing error messages that one thing or another cannot be instantiated.

      Mind you I am relatively new to JAVA. I got JAI properly installed as such and can already open, display and even process standard formats such as GIF.

      Many thanks!

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