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    Face Recognition and Detection

      I did quite a bit of research on the topic and found several ways of face recognition:
      -eigenface which is basically an average face from several photos and then faces are compared to it
      problem is that the pictures must all be just of the face, be black and white (color is harder) and have same lighting
      this is impossible in the real world

      The way I was thinking is to find the coordinates of the eyes and nose, and based on the distance from eye to eye, and R eye to nose, L eye to nose base my recognition (those values should be unique for each face)

      I found this thing called opencv which was made by intel, and apparently using haarcascades a lot of people have succesfully been finding the coordinates of eyes and nose in images (images that are of people, not just an ideal photo of a face)

      The problem is that opencv is written in C, so to use it (the rest of my app is in java), I would have to use JNI or something similar.

      Can anyone help me out with that? Or maybe there is a way to do it purely in java?

      Thanks a lot for your help