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    Discussion on (java API speech):

      I hope everybody know something join this discussion.
      If you have information or links help the discussion subject please add it here.
      +#n = problem number: problem description at the end+
      Speech Packages available:

      1- Sphinx-4: speech recognition
      How to use:
      download package:

      2- IBM speech for java: speech recognition, speech synthesis
      How to use:
      download package: *#1*

      3- FreeTTS : speech synthesizer #2
      How to use:
      Download package:

      *>> Discussion subjects:*
      #1- I found this link in IBM web page but the package does not exist. If you have another link please posts it here or if you have contact with IBM send to them ask for a link to download the package.
      # 2- FreeTTs: as description it is for synthesizer but when I download it I found one of the packages called sppech.recognition?
      3- What is the different between IBM and Sphinx-4 recognition package?
      4- which one better IBM or Sphinx-4
      5- if you made a API software please tell us The problems that you encounter and how you solve it
      6- if you have helpful links please post it here

      Book may help you:
      Introduction to Speech Synthesis

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