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    SPeech To Text with Java

      Hi to everyone!
      Can u suggest me some ways or
      some sample code to convert speech to
      text with Java(English)Based...
      If so you may mail me if u can to
      Bye everyone!!
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          First Search your self in google and then ask here if you really couldnt.
          This is what yo want

          By searching in google, i got it as my first link. If u got any problem running this hello world example, reply here. I ll tell you how ti run it.
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            hello there
            yes i have problem with HelloWorld example
            it gives me NullPointerException in the code line rec.allocate()
            please help me to how to run it
            is there any special requirements????
            i have mic and i download JSAPI from freeTTS
            • 3. Re: Troubleshooting with Sphinx API
              Currently I am using Sphinx API and FREETTS Speech API combinedly with NetBeans.
              In sphinx i wrote a grammer file ,a XML Configuration File.
              I checked and verified my URL to grammer is correct.
              when i run the code,i got
              *"WARNING dictionary Missing word: control*
              *in edu.cmu.sphinx.linguist.dictionary.FastDictionary:getWord-dictionary"*
              how to resolve this issue.?i am trying for days to gether but cant resolve it.
              Can you tell me where i went wrong?can you please help me?
              My XML File:
              due to restriction i cant fully show my XML File.
                      <!-- The Grammar  configuration                               -->
                 <!-- ******************************************************** -->
                  <component name="jsgfGrammar" type="edu.cmu.sphinx.jsapi.JSGFGrammar">
                  <property name="dictionary" value="dictionary"/>
                  <property name="grammarLocation" value="resource:/demo.sphinx.hellodigits.SpeechToTextFrame!/demo/sphinx/hellodigits/"/>
                  <property name="grammarName" value="notepad"/>
                  <property name="logMath" value="logMath"/>
              Grammer file:
              #JSGF V1.0;
               * JSGF Grammar for notepad example
              grammar notepad;
              public < notepad > = ( note ) ;
              public < exit > = ( quit ) ;
              public < control > = ( control ) ;
              public < music > = ( music ) ;
              public < java > = ( java ) ;
              public < os > = ( o s ) ;
              public < shutdown > = ( shut ) ;
              public < abort > = ( abort ) ;
              public < fox > = ( fox ) ;
              public < taskmanager > = ( task manager ) ;
              public < regedit > = ( reg edit ) ;
              public < calculator > = ( calculator ) ;
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                HI Everyone,
                Can any one please answer my questions?
                We all have used MovieMaker in Windows.
                1.Is it possible to create movie file with Image File Collection?
                2. I learnt from JMF API Documentation how to capture and display Video from Webcam to screen.
                is it possible to save captured video as seperate Movie file with our required resolution?
                if So can you please explain the concept and code behind it?
                3. Is it possible to develop an operating System purely with Current Java API? or we need any languages support?
                Thanks for all who are sharing their ideas
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                  Hi anas_ahmed.
                  Since you are usin FTTS(free text to speech) ,which doesnt work for
                  Use cloud'sGarden api for both text to speech & speech to text. Also install Microsoft SAPI5.0 . Then try your program.
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                    where to get that Microsoft SAPI!?

                    wont it make the Java code to be platform dependent on Windows?
                    Can u please suggest me which API would be easy to implement and use??
                    Thanks for reply!