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    Base Table Maximum limt.

      How many maximum number of column a siebel Base Table can hold
      for ex:-S_SRV_REQ
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          I guess as many as your DB (Oracle, SQL Server or DB2) can manage.
          But I think that as soon as you hit the maximum column limit, you really need to to rethink your data model.

          If you mean rows, I think that you have to think about archiving strategies.
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            Hi Saransh,

            If you are using an Oracle database then you can have approximately 1000 columns in one table. (ora-01792.ora-code.com)
            However, if you are making such huge number of columns then you sure need to do a validation as to the need for these as this will have a very adverse impact on the performance of your siebel application as well.

            Hope this helps,
            With Regards,
            Tanmay Jain

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              Robert Ponder

              We have seen some very large Siebel tablels.

              One of our customers has nearly 1 billion records in s_evt_act.

              Another customers has 1.5 billion in usage table.

              Tuning Siebel with tables this large is lot of fun for us.

              Robert Ponder