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    creating 3D human model

      I have to create a 3D human model. Is there any support in java3D API 4 the same

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          You can't make a decent human model with the Java3D API unless you are a mathematical genius and like doing things the hard way. Do your model in a 3D Modelling package and import it using one of the 3D file loaders out there.
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            Thanks Marlow

            I was thinking the same but the pblm is that i have to change the size of the model on user;s input
            Is that possible by importing models in java and then changing the model size........
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              Well i'm no expert on file loaders for Java but if your model vertices are held in Java containers or any other container like an Array then i would imagine that passing those model vertices through a scaling matrix modified by user input then this might give you the desired effect.
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                Thanks Marlow,
                loading model in a container may be possible but container will not be able to get attributes and their values defined in 3D modeling package for the model.
                This may be not a exact solution.
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                  Well, have you looked at the code examples of 3D models out there used by Java 3D? I've seen a few myself. There must be something in this to get you started.