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    Polygon Flicker Problem

      I'm having a problem that I was hoping someone out there might have an idea about, or at the very least, help me brainstorm possible things to check.

      I'm very nearly finished writing a game demo for a space-based game using Java3D, and I just imported our spaceship models, and for some reason whenever they move (or the view moves) various polygons on them flicker in and out of existence. I replaced them with non-textured (ColoringAttributes only) Spheres, and get the same thing. When a spaceship (or Sphere) passes in front of a planet, you can sort of see both flickering through each other, as though Java3D doesn't know what order to render polygons in.

      Now, what I think is the weirdest part, is that when i create a small program just to experiment with loading the models, that works fine. I've even added planets and backgrounds to it in a failed attempt to reproduce the problems I've been having in the game code. I've experimented with disabling picking, not compiling branch groups, high polygon counts, and everything else that I can think of that is different between the two programs. If you can think of anything that could cause this problem that is even halfway reasonable, please let me know.

      If any of you think that having images up would make it easier to understand what I'm talking about, let me know that too and I can probably swing something.
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          alright, well lets see. My guess is that it has something to do with how you move your view or the objects. Cause you said it occurs when you move. I have a similar problem, which occurs only when I move, but it's only the edge of the model that flickers unsteadily. (I dont' know the solution to mine either lol) In any case, I suggest you re-examine the method in which you move things.

          Maybe an image would help us here on the forums to figure it out. Also, could you describe what you do to move your objects or view?