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    conversion of UTF-8 to EBCDIC1383 encoding for chinese string

      I am trying to save my input chinese string into database through BufferedWriter using pool socket through RSA IBM editor(SOA freamwork) and then i am reading that saved data using reader into my webservice again to do some manupulations.
      so my problem here is, my socket is not supporting UTF-8 encoding ,so firstly i am converting chinese input string from UTF-8 to EBCDIC1383(it is know as cp1383 also) in java class and then i am sending that converted chinese string into socket writer to write that chinese and saved into the DB and then through sockt reader i am reading that saved chinese string and again converting it back to UTF-8. but i am facing issue to convert this UTF-8 string into EBCDIC1383 properly.
      It would be very helpful for me if someone who have come accross with above kind of issue ,can send me some snap code in java in this regard.
      It is very critical requirement from my client ,so i would really appreciate if someone can send their suggestions by today.