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    Swing component displaying junk on chinese OS

      Hi All,

      In my Swings application, I am using log4j WriterAppender to display log messages inside a component, the messages get displayed fine except when run over a chinese Win OS with chinese Taiwan locale, where it displays junk character and this happen only with locale set to Taiwan, if the locale is simple chinese everything again displays fine.The message strings are plain hard coded in english. Please help as what could be the problem here, because I'm not sure as what could be the difference between simple chinese locale and chinese taiwan.

      some relevant piece of code:
      logWriter = new BufferedWriter(new CustomWriter(HYPERLINKER,
      new BufferedWriter(new HTMLWriter(new JPanel()), 512)));
      appender = new WriterAppender();

      CustomWriter extends FilterWriter and HTMLWriter extends Writer.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.