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    Internationalization support for File Names

      I want to know does it make sense to provide multilingual support for File Names. Say, I have a file called PurchaseOrder.pdf and it will be sent to users as an email attachment. We can localize the file name(for example, in Chinese: 订单.pdf).

      But I want to know whether it is a standard to localize the file name. If not, should it be given in English, no matter which locale the user is using.

      Thanks in advance

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          If you give the English file a descriptive name like "PurchaseOrder", then you probably owe customers using other languages a similar descriptive name in their languages, don't you think? If you give the files a name based on the date, then you could get around it - naming it something like "20100131", for instance (make sure you use yyyy-mm-dd in that case).
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            ... hopefully you will not have to send another document to the same deliverer the very same day. Even if you add the minutes, a date tells you nothing about the contents. This is no problem as long as I receive nothing but purchase confirmations from you. But as a customer I will receive both sales confirmations and invoices, and then I think it's nice to see what the document is about.
            By the way, a person working in an international trading company is supposed nowadays to understand the English words "purchase, sale and invoice", isn't it? Maybe in 50 or 100 years from now Chinese will be the lingua franca. So be prepared for a change ;-)