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    What is the link betwen java and font files?

      I am trying to develop a JTextField for Telugu (a south Indian Language). A Telugu True Type font was installed and specified as the font for the JTexField. A sequence of Unicode characters for Telugu was declared as a String and passed to the JTextField through setText(). I am able to get a valid display of the Telugu letters..

      My problem is this : In Telugu there are equivalent representations for certain code sequences, for example the halant form and the vattu form letters . I am unable to determine the alternate forms by manipulating the code sequences.
      As I am able to get the required form through drawGlyphVector (in a graphic component), Glyphs for the alternate forms are available in the font file.
      Can anybody please throw some light on the link between font files and java environment ? How are character codes converted to glyphs ? Is the conversion solely determined .ttf file or does java have other inter connecting software ? or it is defined by the operating system?
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          Hello Siva,

          you have to make sure that the Telugu font installed on your system codes its characters in unicode. Then you don't have to care about GlyphVectors, simply making unicode strings will do.
          I do not know what a vattu is, but I once displayed halants in Devanagari and that worked this way.