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    New to GUI's. Where to start?

      I'm fairly new to Java and programming as a whole, but I'm ambitious and I have an idea for a program I'd like to create for myself as a sort of project. Up to now, all of my programs have ran in a command window, and I'm finding the idea of completely custom GUI creation a bit overwhelming. To be as concise as possible, I'm looking to make a GUI very similar to the Google calendar in functionality; i.e. being able to click on a particular day to enter some information to be worked with. I've dug around in this forum a bit, and did some research on the capabilities of both Swing and AWT, but I'm simply not sure where to find what I need to learn, or even what I should focus on specifically. I'm not looking for someone to give me the answers, just something like "Oh, a GUI like that would use [this] and [that]. Try searching for tutorials for [whatever]."

      I hope I'm being clear enough and not overly wordy. Thanks to any and all help. If I should clear something up, let me know.