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    Serial Port Hangs

      Hi, i have two computers (Solaris 10 - client and server) running two different java applications communicating via serial port.

      One of them sends a telegram (about 40 chars) to the other every 50 milliseconds and waits for the acknowledge telegram to send the next available telegram. After a couple of hours, the serial port of the server side becomes unable to send or receive any data.

      If I restart the applications (close the ports and reopen again), after sending another telegram, it hangs again. I tried opening the port using "tip hardwire", serial port sends one character, client gets one character then the same result. (Setting inputbuffersize to 0 and 1024 again is no help)

      If I reboot the computer, everything's fine again. Opening the port using "tip hardwire works fine. I'm using javaxcomm library.

      Is there any way to make the serial port functional again without rebooting, or any tips to understand what's the problem?


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