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    JAWS reading instant messages

      Hi everyone,

      I am working on a Java-based messenger client which inteds to be accessible for the blind. I am developing the app under the latest version of JDK, installed and tested properly JavaAccessBridge and everything seems to work fine.

      I've come to consider the next issue: If JAWS (or most screen readers) use the focus as the handler from which the screen readers knows where the user is and speaks out the info related to that particular component... what about the information that shows up by the program dinamically?

      Or said in other words, If I want to send a notification to a blind user through my application (Like a text message from another person in a common messenger program), how could I notificate JAWS that it must read the message aloud?

      I cannot change the focus to the component containing the message because it definitely interferes with the user actions, not even for a short period of time.

      Any suggestions would be really welcomed.

      Thanks in advance.

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