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    Failing to load classes that reference external jars


      I am writing a software that is able to hook into GUI Java applications - for example to get the text from GUI components.
      The way i hook into the application is by defining my software as an assistive technology.
      My software jars are in the lib\ext folder of the JRE that the other application uses.
      My jars references classes and implements interfaces of the application am hooking into, so in order to build it, i add to the build script the path of the jars of the application i am hooking into.

      The problem i have is as follows:
      In runtimne, when one of my classes that reference a class from the GUI application needs to be loaded, it fails to, apparently because it can't find the GUI application's class.

      If i copy the GUI application's jars to the lib\ext folder of the JRE, then everything works fine. However i want things to work without having to copy the GUI applicationb's jars.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.