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    Java Access-Bridge support for AWT applications

      Hello all,

      I am facing problems when accessing applets through Java Access-Bridge 2.0.1. Below are the details.

      I am writing one application using VC++ 2005 which interacts with Java Access-Bridge there by interacting with Java applications for recording events on them and replaying them.

      I am able to work perfectly with all kind of SWING UI controls. But facing problems with applets, more specifically with AWT controls. The details are,

      1) TextArea/TextField control: Succeeded in getting text on them, but failed to insert text to the prior said text controls using setTextControls(). setTextControls() is returning false in this case.
      2) choice control: Not able to get descendants (list of elements in the choice box) at all. No interfaces supported through java Access-Bridge. Bottom line is, failed to get the element in choice control, failed to get selected item and failed to select particular data on the choice control.
      3) List control: Able to fire events on it such as selecting a specific element using index. But the element names are not getting populated. Java Monkey is showing it's name as "List Item" for each of the list items.
      4) Checkbox control: Succeeded in getting the state of the button (checked or not checked). But not able to check/uncheck through Java Access-Bridge.

      Is there any patch for Access-Bridge which addresses these problems?

      Any help would be appreciated. I got stuck by this badly.

      Thanks in advance