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    AccessBridge Questions

      Hi All,

      I've been using the Access Bridge recently for a couple of projects, and now I've got a few questions;

      1. How does the getVirtualAccessibleName function? Whenever I call it, all it returns is the AC's role or name, which isn't very helpful (unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose of this function)

      2. Is there anyway usingthe Access Bridge or JNI (or both) to locate the .JAR file that "owns" a frame, button or other Object ? For example, I only want my external program to react to events in my Java Applicaton; and the easiest method I can come up with is to somehow identify what the java runtime is running.

      3. Is there any method of consistently identifing objects using the Access Bridge?

      and finally;

      4. Is the Access Bridge under active development by Sun?

      Cheers All, and thanks in advance.