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    move focus between elements of browser page doesn't work with JVM 1.6.x

      why JVM 1.6 doesn't support accessibility?
      with JVM 1.5_10 or above it's possible to move from elements of IE browser page with tab and enter and exit from applet
      with JVM 1.6 or using plugin 1.6 this is not more possible.
      with plugin 1.6 and JVM 1.5 applet can gains focus but it doesn't release it
      with JVM 1.6 applet doesn't gain focus and all keyevents are intercepted from browser.

      to make my applet and page accessible I need to move focus between elements of browser page with tab,
      and enter and exit from applet.
      Just because my users can't use mouse but only keyboard.

      Note that FireFox doesn't work at all, even if bug seems fixed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=93149

      (you can watch a recorder right sample here on: http://www.vista.it/ing_vista_0311_video_streaming_accessibile_demo.php)

      Please advise.