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    How to run examples for Java Accessibility Utils

      Hi All,

      I have downloaded the Java Accessibility Utils and trying to get the samples working. The docs on this stuff are a little sparse.
      First of all, does anyone know if the Utils will work with Java 5 or 6? According to the compatibility table, http://java.sun.com/products/jfc/jaccess-1.3/doc/compatibility.html , the latest JVM it works with is 1.3. Is this true?
      Anyway... I downloaded JDK 1.3 just so I could try to make the samples work.

      The AWTMonitor sample says I need to put AWT.AutoLoadClasses=AWTMonitor in the $JDKHOME/lib/awt.properties file, however I do not have such a file anywhere! The Javadocs talk about "The reference implementation includes an accessibility.properties file in the jre/lib directory." however I don't have that file either. What am I missing here?

      Can anyone please help me get a sample working? Many thanks!!