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    javax.com.jar for windows?


      I�m trying to connect my serial com port (on windows xp). I already found references to http://www.sun.com/download/products.xml?id=43208d3d, where to download the javax.com.jar. But I only found versions for Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc and Linux. What about Windows?

      When I tried to use the Solaris API, after changing the javax.com.properties file to


      I got the exception

      java.io.IOException: Error instantiating class com.sun.comm.Win32Driver
           at javax.comm.CommPortIdentifier.loadDriver(CommPortIdentifier.java:239)
           at javax.comm.CommPortIdentifier.<clinit>(CommPortIdentifier.java:109)
           at tools.SerialComPort.open(SerialComPort.java:26)
           at LocationArea.main(LocationArea.java:22)
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: isSessionActive
           at com.sun.comm.SunrayInfo.isSessionActive(Native Method)
           at com.sun.comm.Portmapping.registerCommPorts(Portmapping.java:155)
           at com.sun.comm.Portmapping.refreshPortDatabase(Portmapping.java:100)
           at javax.comm.CommPortIdentifier.<clinit>(CommPortIdentifier.java:138)
           at tools.SerialComPort.open(SerialComPort.java:26)
           at LocationArea.main(LocationArea.java:22)

      It seems, the driver can not be found. Where can I download the javax.com.jar for windows? Or do you think there must be another problem? What did I wrong?

      Thank you in advance,
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