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    Synchronize AccessBridge thread with AWT event thread?


      I am a beginner in Java Access Bridge.

      I am writing a program that runs with Java Web Start and uses JFC Swing. For system monitoring purpose my company uses HP OpenView. Probe Builder is used for recording a probe for the application. The probe will be run at regular intervals to check if anything is broken. As I understand Probe Builder uses Java Access Bridge to record & control the application flow.

      Without Java Access Bridge my program runs fine. But when I run it with Probe Builder I occasionally catch some exceptions that indicate that there are two threads running over my gui classes at the same time, the AWT event thread and another thread that comes from com.sun.java.accessibility.AccessBridge.run.
      Since my classes are not thread safe (like all the Swing classes) there are race conditions that result in a NullPointerException.

      My question is that how can I make sure that only one thread at a time is running over my code? Can I somehow make Java Access Bridge run with the AWT event thread? Or do I have to synchronize all my methods - I want to avoid this since I am not sure that this can be done perfectly.

      I will appreciate any help.

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