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    javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot find bean ... in any scope

      While loading a jsp, I am getting this error message - javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot find bean selectSurveyForm in any scope.

      In my jsp, I am trying to fetch a value on the form like,
      <bean:define id="surveyNameList" name="selectSurveyForm" property="surveyNameList" />

      I have set this value (surveyNameList) on my form in Action class which is calling this jsp.

      In my struts.config file, I have defined the form bean as
      <form-bean name="selectSurveyForm" type="com.tcs.myproj.struts.actionform.SelectSurveyForm" />

      In my action-mapping tag,
      <action name="selectSurveyForm" type="com.tcs.myproj.struts.action.SelectSurveyAction"      validate="true" input="/jsp/selectSurvey.jsp" scope="request" path="/selectSurvey">
           <forward name="success" path="" />
           <forward name="failure" path="/jsp/error.jsp" />               

      I am not able to understand, why is it not recognizing my form bean. I tried changing scope value to session and removing input.

      Any kind of help is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.