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    JavaHelp system doen't work well


      I have created a HelpSystem for my project.
      I added the jar file in it, and added some code to make the helpSystem open when a "help" button is clicked.
      The helpSystem gets opened when i click the button, but not working well.
      I can see the Table Of Contents, but when i choose an issue in it, it doen't opens. nothing. I can see that the Index tab is emply (altough it shoudn't be) , and the search is working fine!
      I didn't know what could be the problem, but i thought that the problem is with the jar file that i created, and I tried many things to solve it. nothing worked.

      The last thing i tried is to create an empty project especially for the help system.
      I used the same code, and I was surprised to see that the HelpSystem works just fine!

      Well, the conclusion of that is that there is a problem of adding it to my project, and not with the jar file, but i have no clue what can be the problem..

      Heve anybody faced this problem?
      Do you have any suggestions what can I try to fix it?

      Thank you,