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    Locating helpset -- Setting Classpath

      I realize this might be entirely an Eclipse question, but it's in the context of Javahelp, so I decided to start in this forum.

      I'm learning Javahelp using a simple application that displays the help viewer. I'm using Eclipse as my IDE.

      I have my help files in a directory called
      In Eclipse in the VM arguments field of the Arguments tab in the Run dialog, I added the following entry:
      -classpath D:\D_ProgramFiles\JavaHelp\help_files
      I clicked the run button but got an error indicating that the application could not find the help files. I then went to the Classpath tab of the Run dialog and added the location of the help files, and started the app. The help viewer appeared with the contents of the help set I'm creating.

      Why do I have to add the location of the help files in two places?

      Thanks for your understanding and help.