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    NOT terms for search query?

      Hello, I am using JavaHelp's search classes to create a search feature that is implemented differently than JavaHelp's GUI, by writing a modified version of the QueryEngine and Query classes, passing args into QueryEngine's main method, and writing the results to a file. It is working out fine, however, I would like to incorporate a NOT exclusion in the query. There is an example of an extension source in JH called ClientSearch.java which seems to implement that, since I see variables called, AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, LEFT_PAREN, RIGHT_PAREN. However, I am not seeing how to implement this. The JH doc states:

      The file demos/src/sunw/demo/searchdemo/ClientSearch.java shows how to extend the HelpSearch class to implement an alternate search engine.

      However I am not seeing a class called HelpSearch in jhall.jar, which I believe would include all classes used in JavaHelp.

      Any direction on this would be much appreciated.
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          first of all, correction, that is ClientSearchEngine.java (not ClientSearch.java).

          ClientSearchEngine actually extends SearchEngine. I am still not seeing clearly how to implement this, perhaps if I point all the calls made to SearchEngine to ClientSearchEngine it will just work. Maybe I can experiment....