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    problems with locating HelpSet file in jar

      I have included my helpset files and other help files (html help files) in a jar at a directory inside the classpath. Now when I run my main.java program, it is unable to locate HelpSet file. I used the following to find the HelpSet file in my main.java.
             HelpSet hs = null;
             ClassLoader cl = this.getClass().getClassLoader();
             try {
               URL hsURL = HelpSet.findHelpSet(cl, helpsetfile);
               hs = new HelpSet(null, hsURL);
             } catch(Exception ee) {
      For some reason, the helpset file (which is already included in jar) cannot be located. I think I don't know enough as to how the file is located by "HelpSet.findHelpSet(cl, helpsetfile)". What am I missing here.