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    This is a nightmare. JRE won't install correctly and im stumped!

      So I've been going in circles all day with this all because i needed to update Java developers kit and Java runtime environment after being gone from the java developers world for almost a year...

      First i ended up having to delete all versions of java on my PC so i could start fresh. When i went to remove the last JDK and JRE versions in "Add/remove programs," it said they both uninstalled. but they were still on the list even when i refreshed. So I tried to go in and manually delete the files, and the folder "Java" in my program files shows up when i search for it. but when i try to delete or open it, I receive an error saying that the folder doesn't exist. what the hell? So I figured maybe I would try to install the new java anyway, and I get this halfway through the install process:


      I checked for anything that could cause this including my AVG antivirus... Nothing. Same damn error. The java FAQ page shows nothing usefull for me, and when i try to install JDK it keeps telling me its already installed and goes in a big circle.

      I'm thinking there are some problems in my registry. Or i really screwed something up. I really could use some help right now

      EDIT: so somehow i managed to recreate the java folder im my program files and JDK looks like it's installed correctly now, but I still have the same problem with instaling JRE.

      All help is appreciated. What should i do?

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