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    i need help with simple problems. im a student.

      i'd like to be advanced with my studies so i will post questions.. i need help on how to answer. thank you.

      1. create a java program that will evaluate if the value entered is a positive, negative, vowel, consonant and special characters.

      im actually done with the positive and negative using if else statements.. i used an integer data type. now my question is how do conjoin the characters when i need to evaluate a vowel and a consonant. i cant use char either. please help. i dont know what to do yet.

      2. create java program that will translate the input from numbers to words. e.g. input:123 output: one hundred twenty-three.

      i have an idea to use a switch case statement. but i have no idea on how will i be able to do it. so if you guys can help me.. well then thankies..
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          Welcome to the Sun forums. First, please note that you have posted in the wrong forum. This forum is for topics related to Sun's JavaHelp product. You should post your questions in the New to Java forum.

          As part of your learning, you will have to develop the ability to select an approach to a problem, create a design that reflects that approach, and then implement the design with code that you create.

          So, it's inappropriate for us to take the problem statement that you have been given and short-circuit your learning process by giving you the implemented problem solution. We can comment on the individual questions that you may have, and point out problems and errors that we see in the code that you develop.

          As a hint, when you are stuck, forget about Java and programming. Just start with a sheet of paper and a pencil, and figure out how to layout the task on paper. The consider how to translate that to programming.

          If you have problems, post short example code that shows the problem, and explain your question clearly. We can't read minds.

          Make sure you post code correctly so that it's not mangled by the forum software, and so that formatting is maintained. Select your typed or pasted code block and press the CODE button above the typing area.