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    Activating Help using a JDesktopPane

      Hi everyone

      currently i habe a problem using the Java Help System. I got the following code:
      public class MyFrame extends JFrame{
      public MyFrame(){  
          JDesktopPane p = new JDesktopPane();
          HelpSet hs = null;
          String file = "helpfile.hs";
          ClassLoader cl = this.getClass().getClassLoader();
          try {
              URL hsURL = HelpSet.findHelpSet(cl, file);
              hs = new HelpSet(null, hsURL);
          catch (Exception ee) {
          if (hs != null) {
              HelpBroker hb = hs.createHelpBroker();
              hb.enableHelpKey(getRootPane(), hs.getHomeID().id, hs);
      When the Frame is displayed i pressed F1 without any effect. If i call:
      the Help-Frame is displayed after pressing F1. To me it seems that there is a problem with JDesktopPane. Can anyone help me?