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    JavaHelp Search Result

      Hello All,

      I need a urgent solution for the following issue.

      In the JavaHelp Search Result, I am getting two search results for the same topic.

      For example, if the word in the search text box is "Display Result", it displays two search results. One points correctly to the required HTML page and the other when clicked, displays a blank page.

      Kindly let me know first of all why two results are displayed and why the other one is blank.

      I want only one entry to be displayed which points to correct html page when the search result is clicked.

      I need the solution for this problem at the earliest. Replying soon to this issue would be hightly appreciated.

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          hi are you using any subversion? i encounter that problem last week and the reason is when using a subversion your folder for your html has a subfolder for you subversion files. that is why when you index your html folder the html files on your subfolder were indexed as well.