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    2 big problems with Java...

      Well, i have 2 big problems with my Java, i've tried everything I can and asked for help from many many people, no one know how to help me. This is my last try.
      The first problem is, that i'm not able to install jre 1.6.11. I installed it first, then it was not working, i uninstalled it and tried to reinstall. Well it said i already have it installed. I used many programs like "Your uninstaller 2008" and so on. I'm 110% sure that i dont have it installed in my computer, i've been "deleting" it for like a week now and there's no sign of it installed. However when i open jre 1.6.11 intaller, firstly , it says "This software has already been installed. Would you like to reinstall?" When i click "yes", it says "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed" Ive downloaded installer over and over again, it doesn't work.
      The second problem isn't too big, but it would be nice if it was fixed. Jaav doesn't work for firefox. I don't like IE so i use firefox. I can't get Java to work in Firefox. Well, firstly i open javacpl, choose advanced, then default java for browsers and check firefox. It says it's ok, but when i open it again, firefox is not checked, and Java doesn't work. However, everything works for IE...
      So if you could help me, please do so! Thank you!
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          First, check the Help pages at www.java.com - you may find the solution there. If not, find, download, and run MS's Windows' Installer Cleanup Utility - Java ise the Windows Installer. It sounds like your Registry is messed up. Have you experienced any virus or other problems? You might want to try going back to an earlier restore point with System Restore.

          and BTW, you posted in a forum for a product named "JavaHelp", it's not a forum for requesting help.
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            Well i had already searched for help from java.com, but i searched again. I didn't find anything that would help me.
            "MS's Windows' Installer Cleanup Utility" didn't also help me, there isn't jre .11 in the list. I also did system restore, restored to the eariliest point a had, didn't help. And there hasn't been any problems with viruses... It really seems like nothing will help. Well formatting C would help, but i don't feel like doing this. So if you got any more suggestions, i'd love to hear it. Thanks anyway and sry for posting into the wrong section.