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    Field level help always shows homeID URL

      I implemented context-sensitive help of 2 types:
      1. Field level help - triggered from a menuitem using:
      menuitem_CSH.addActionListener(new CSH.DisplayHelpAfterTracking(mainHS, "javax.help.Popup", null));

      2. Help key (F1) type help - using:
      mainHB.enableHelpKey(getRootPane(), "top", mainHS);

      Point 2 type help works perfectly - which implies that my MAP file & setHelpID...() stuff is alright.
      CSH.setHelpIDString(jbtnConfigure, "config");
      CSH.setHelpIDString(jbtnAlarms, "gettingstarted");

      Point 1 however always displays the URL of the homeID. I've tried all kinds of things but can't get this to work.
      Am I missing something here? Any help/pointers would be appreciated.