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    Change cursor for CSH.trackCSEvents()


      I want to use the CSH.trackCSEvents() function to implement field level help instead of CSH.DisplayHelpAfterTracking() because I'd like to show the corresponding help content in an own help window. This works quite fine except one (simple?) problem: How can I change the cursor for all components and have trackCSEvents() get the correct component nevertheless?

      If I use setCursor() on the main frame, this doesn't change the cursor for all components (i. e. text fields) so the user can't recognise he is in "field level help mode". If I use the glassPane object, the cursor is shown correctly, but CSH.trackCSEvents() returns the glassPane-Object instead of the underlying component. I added a mouse listener to the glasspane (wanted to redirect the mouse events to the corresponding) component, but the events mousePressed or mouseClicked are never called.

      Any idea?

      Thanks in advance and best regards,