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    How to enable IPV4 in JNLP file

      I need to use this flag -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true when running with JWS. Does anyone know how to specified this flag through JNLP file?

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          JNLP will not allow Java Web Start to set arbitrary properties w/o knowing them to be secure.
          The built in list of known secure properties dosn't include this one.

          On a given client machine you can set a property in the deployment.properties file to allow this property in ther jnlp file:
          (in 1.5, or 1.4.2): deployment.javaws.secure.properties=java.net.preferIPv4Stack

          This will only help you out for the given client machine
          One way you might work around this is to create a small Extension Installer that adds this line to the clients deployment.properties file., but you'll have to sign the extension installer.