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    Deployment Toolkit x64 / x32  bug.

      Hi, i stumpled across a weird bug whilst trying to get deployJava.js to work properly..

      The first installed JRE was 1.6.0_17 Java for Google Chrome (x32).
      I uninstalled all JRE version, to test my deploy script.

      The installLatestJRE() method in deployJava.js fired up the inline install on IE x32 and on Chrome it took me to the install website as it should.

      After uninstalling Java again to test it on my x64 IE, i came across the problem.

      With Deployment Toolkit plugin enabled it fired up the inline installation of java, BUT it installed Java x32, which ofcourse doesn't work with IE x64.

      I think its because the deployment toolkit for x32 java was used even in my x64 browser.

      Am i correct in assuming this, or am i doing something completely wrong here ?

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