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    Jars loaded twice


      We have java applets that have been working very well for a long time. Recently, in the new version of our product, we noticed that the jars get loaded twice. Actually, a first JVM is started that loads the jars and then a second JVM is started and does the same thing before the applet really starts.

      We are using Java deploy (deployJava.runApplet) with JNLP files to run applets.

      You can try it at this address: http://jmap3.k2geospatial.com/montreal_applet . Just press Enter at the login prompt.

      Worse, on some machines (one had Java 1.6.17), the application will not start completely. Java says in the console that one class could not be loaded because of signing certificate not matching other classes of the same package... Very starnge.

      Any idea or similar problem?

      Thank you.

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          Here is a complement.

          I just found out that the failure to start is caused by the cache for java being disabled. In this case, loading the Jars twice is very observable because they are downloaded twice from the network.

          With the cache activated, the Jars are also loaded twice but the second time is very fast because they are cached. The applet then starts normally.


          Jars are always loaded twice. Applet refuses to start because of signing difference only when the cache is disabled.

          Any idea?