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    Java not installed.. now what?

      Hello all.

      We're developing a pretty cool piece of software in Java, deploying as an applet for a mass market size audience.
      I'm looking for the best way to guide and help users who haven't got Java installed, through the Java installation process.
      What we're doing right now, is pretty much only sending those users to java.com and hoping that they will come back.

      Here's what I would like the user experience to be like:
      1) If java installed, great - start the applet.
      - If not, show a custom web page with helpful text and an install-java-button.
      2) When the user presses the button, the latest installer is fetched from java.com
      3) The user starts the installer, and when the installation is completed, our applet is loaded without the user having to restart the browser/OS

      My question is basically, how do we create the best user experience for users who do not have Java installed?

      Best regards,