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    Can't get AllPermission configured for intranet applet

      Hello everyone,

      After doing a lot of reading and testing I've been unable to give all permissions to an intranet applet through the codeBase grant option.
      This applet need full permissions because it will have to acess driver libs for OCR readers (which also write image files to HDD) and other such external devices.

      I've configured my java.policy file and added the following:
      grant codebase "http://myIntranetServer/-"  {
                  permission java.security.AllPermission;
      After reloading the policy file in the console, and even restarting the browser, I get an java.security.AccessControlException:access denied for many of my operations, including reading the "user.name" system property which is not granted by default.

      For debugging I've also tried the giving the all permission by default and it works, so my problem is basically related to de codeBase option.
      I am runnig Windows 7 and linux clients, with JRE1.6-u17, and both have the same behavior.

      Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance,