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    trouble getting .jar to open

      hi, i'm fairly new to java and i finished making a simple game i made which involves no use of the console and is completely oriented around a GUI. After reading how to export to a .jar i realized most tutorials and help online involved applets. i personally have never used an applet before and i was wondering if i need to be in order to export my game to .jar. My manifest file reads as follows :

      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Main-Class: driver

      when i had the text "Main-Class: (the name of the package).driver" it gave me a error when i double clicked the .jar saying the Main method was unable to be found however when i took away the package name and just left it driver it doesn't error.instead it just causes my cursor to show something is loading and then nothing happens. I also tried opening the jar using command line however i got an error saying it was unable to be accessed.

      any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need more information just let me know but i cant think of anything else of relevance atm.