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    Please help me in getting openjms-0.7.1 version

      Hi all,
      I am just doing gap study of code which is written using openjms-0.7.1.

      I tried to search the jar file of openjms-0.7.1 version, which is released September 27, 2001,But I was not able to download it.

      I have searched it on Google many times in last week but I am not getting link to download openjms-0.7.1, I am getting all other versions like openjms-0.7.2, openjms-0.7.4, …, openjms-0.7.7.

      So please help us by providing jar file “openjms-0.7.1”
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

      Thanks and Regards,
      Rahul Aahir