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    Problem with Jarsigner (SDK 6 u20 Win7 64bit)

      This is my first post so i'm saying HI everybody.

      I found bug in jarsigner.exe (JAVA SDK 1.6 u20; 64bit; Windows7).

      When i try sign file (from eclipse Babel project) the jarsigner clenas the manifest.mf file:

      for example - singing "org.eclipse.core.commands.nl_pl_3.5.0.v20091121043401.jar" file
      manifest content before singing:
      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Bundle-Name: org.eclipse.core.commands Polish NLS Support
      Bundle-SymbolicName: org.eclipse.core.commands.nl_pl ;singleton=true
      Bundle-Version: 3.5.0.v20091121043401
      Bundle-Vendor: Eclipse.org
      Fragment-Host: org.eclipse.core.commands 
      manifest content after singing:
      Name: about.html
      SHA1-Digest: VpXXGnjM0HeeD/l2/5T0GziCHVE=
      Name: plugin_pl.properties
      SHA1-Digest: 3nTMKiwAarnaHcW4i1xiy2MH89Y=
      Do you know any solution for this bug?
      Hope you can help