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    Jar 2 Exe Converting

      We are developing an application in java swings using Eclipse IDE. We are converting the .jar to .exe file using Xenoage JEStart 2.0 software. It is working fine, but the problem is the extract option is available for the exe, and anyone can extract and get the source files.

      Is there any alternative available as a setting in eclipse itself, to "encrypt" the source files. Else, please suggest an open jar to exe convertor in which no extraction option is present.
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          I'm not sure it has what you want, but i always use jsmooth for jar to exe. It works out very nicely and is fairly customizable.
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            If you are worried about the end user reverse engineering your application, don't distribute it. If you allow members of the public to get the bytecodes, it can be reverse engineered - even if it is obfuscated, encrypted and packed in an (huck, ptui..) EXE.
            As an aside. A deployment technology that works on Windows, Mac & *nix is  [Java Web Start|http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/desktop/javawebstart/index.jsp]. JWS is free and is provided and supported by the makers of the language.