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    Activex Bridge works in only one direction

      I posted this in the wrong forum - reposting here.
      I've packaged and deployed my java application as a dll using the activex bridge. I can get calls from the COM host just fine, but I'm not being able to pass values across to the host. For example, the COM host specifies that a property called 'Long Version' be set. So I've created an 'int Version = 1" and a matching getter and setter. I read that java int type maps to IDL Long type(4 bytes). The getter returns the appropriate type. However, the COM host is not able to lookup and get the property. Same is the problem with events. The host cannot seem to be able to catch the events.
      For both the property and the events, I've overridden methods in BeanInfo to return the desired result.
      For firing events, should I be casting the listener to IDispatch or doing anything like that??