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    DLL and OCX

      Dear All,

      I have a huge System that provides its own SDK based on Java, besides a pretty amount of additional components, one of these system's components is the scanning of documents via scanner device component, precisely, it uses .ocx and associated .dll file.

      The problem is now, I have read so many many articles and forums so far, all are telling that the JNI is the choice, but unfortunately, nothing is useful !!! All what I need is to use smoothly the functions provided by the .ocx or the .dll, and I can't find any resource other than the xFunction API, which by the way, didn't help me also in this context !!!

      I hope that anybody could provide me with options to solve this issue, without trying to use any C++ wrappers or stuff like that , [JUST] using the dll/ocx as it.

      Best Regards,