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    j2ee cas com bridge help

      I need documentation about j2ee cas com bridge. I know that is not still supported but I have to mantain a software that was developed in vb6 using .class files. I have to check something but I haven't the documentation. Does someone knows where I can find it?
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          The J2EE CAS COM bridge is discontinued and never will be "supported" ever again. The official page is gone: http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/earlyAccess/j2eecas/

          You may find some info here:

          If you have to "maintain" a productive software that has a beta (even alpha) component as the COM Bridge, it's not your fault that there is no official support/documentation anymore. use the ActiveX bridge in JDK 1.4.2 instead.
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            There is now an IBM product available for free download.
            See http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/dtjcb?open&S_TACT=104AHW61&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-eclpsw02awdtjcb

            I have been trying today to investigate migrating from CASCOM to this product. It appears to have the facilities I need (i.e. COM client to Java Server) but I'm having trouble trying to 'match' the two products.
            CASCOM can generate TLB files for use by the COM application direct from the Java class, whereas it appears that you have to provide IDL definitions for all Interfaces from scratch, and then convert them to TLBs using 'midl'. Anyone been through a migration already who could share their experiences??


            Steve Waters
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              An application written on VB6 using CAS-COM bridge working fine in Windows XP, but not running in Win 7, is there any way out, please help.