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    netbeans webapplication deployment


      I have developed a simple web application using netbeans ide. It is working fine in netbeans IDE, and also loading local host and working fine. I was also used Java frame work in that application. It is working fine.

      Now I want to deploy this application into my website www.anilvvkumar.byethost22.com

      This host is requiring file like index.html etc, but in my project there is no such file.
      How can I upload my .war file are \web \dist directory into that web site. and how that site work. I am trying since two day & nights but I am not getting answer. I am so tired.. CAn any body hele me..
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          This tutorial may help, though it doesn't directly address deploying war's.


          There's likely useful information in some of these tutorials, also.

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            I need exact help to my question.

            My question is ..
            How can i deploy my web application.

            Server is asking files like index.html should placed in \htdocs directory.

            My website is www.anilvvkumar.byethost22.com

            Please suggest me & answer my question.

            Thanks --- Anil Kumar.