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    Annoyance - latest Java JRE update too automated

      I am quite annoyed that someone somewhere made a choice that took away an install option I've relied upon and has suddenly made life much more difficult. In the past, whenever I chose to or wanted to update my runtime environment, I was able to manually invoke the update (I always turn the auto-update service off!!!). Then, during the update install, there USED to exist a checkbox providing an option to install the update to a location OF MY CHOICE as opposed to the much-abused "Program Files" location. Why was this option removed from the latest version of the update? I now am forced to walk through all my registry entries and hope I find all references to this crap and change them to the location I EXPECT and INSIST on the update existing. On a number of production systems, I have chosen to uninstall or not even allow the update because I don't know what else you broke and am not willing to spend an inordinate time going through an elaborate test cycle wasting unfunded, overtaxed and much-beleagured resources.

      I beseech you as a long-time Java developer, a Sun shareholder, and avid advocate of the mighty Sun - please bring me back my choice of install location for the JRE update!

      da Lizard