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    Java 6 upgrade -- ant replicating class files on compilation

      On upgradation to java 6 , ant seems to replicated class files
      which have already been compiled into jars (which i have mentioned in classpath).

      This is the ant script

      <javac srcdir="src" destdir="/WEB-INF/classes" classpath="${library.jar}" deprecation="on" debug="true">

      <classpath refid="library.classpath"/>
           <include name="com/test1/webapp/common/**/*.java"/>


      library.classpath contains path to library.jar
      The above script works perfectly for java 5 but not for java 6.

      The problem is that classes in the folder com/test1 are getting recompiled to WEB-INF/classes, when the classes were already in compiled to library.jar (which is in classpath).

      Is there a solution to this problem?